For nearly 50 years the DiLiberto Family has been at the forefront of live bait suppliers in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and now, as the second generation, we continue to innovate and provide the best products and service possible. We supply convenience stores and bait shops with the largest selection of high-quality live bait available!

Our story...
In 1966 Vincent and Joseph DiLiberto founded DiLiberto Brothers Sporting Goods in Verona, PA and supplied live bait and tackle to local fishermen. For nearly 30 years they operated in the same location while expanding the wholesale bait business on the side. in 1995 the brothers closed the retail establishment to concentrate solely on providing the freshest, highest quality, wholesale bait to area bait shops and convenience stores. What was initially a side business, providing live bait to a few gas stations, has blossomed to over 170 convenience stores and bait shops throughout the tri-state area! Our retailers are located in Northern West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, and the nine counties surrounding Pittsburgh, PA.

Please don't mistake us for that "bait in a can company!"

We use the industry's highest quality polypropylene aerated packaging specially designed for live bait. You can be certain that your bait is fresh! We supply night crawlers, red worms, meal worms, dough balls, fishing line, split shots, snap swivels, hooks, bobbers, power bait, preserved shiners, and ponchos to convenience stores. We supply all of these items including maggots and wax worms in bulk quantities to bait and tackle, and pet stores.

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