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Lucky 7 Flavored Dough Ball Carp and Catfish Bait
Using our Lucky 7 dough ball bait is the easiest way to reel in that monster Carp and Catfish. Each tasty doughball bait is 6 oz in weight and packaged in a poly bag that can be hung for display. We have been using the same award winning recipe since 1980. Luck 7 Doughball Carp and Catfish Baits offer the angler a convenient, packaged dough bait that's a proven winner. This bait is formulated with fish-catching scents designed to stay on the hook. Our Doughball Baits come in irresistible tastes that carp and catfish cannot resist. Each bait is available in several flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry and Anise.
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