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Prospective Retailers

We have been in the bait distribution business for over 50 years and guarantee our product unconditionally. Unlike our convenience store supply competitor, we run a year round, full service operation. It has been our experience that 15-20% of sales occur during the months of October - March, and our retail operation will produce income for you year round.

Fishermen do not simply frequent a store for bait alone. By carrying our product line, your store will become a destination for fishermen who will most likely purchase gas, food, cigarettes, and the like. These customers may not otherwise stop at your establishment, and we know that our products will not only supply you with additional sales, but more importantly, new customers!

Our bait, product display, and refrigerators are far superior to that which our competition uses. Our bait is purchased direct from suppliers in Canada, packaged in house, and guaranteed fresh. We use the top of the line industry standard packaging to insure that you never experience problems with open containers. We rotate our stock, check for freshness, and replace any failing bait for fresh bait, free of charge to you - the retailer. Our product display offers the largest variety of merchandise currently offered in area convenience stores and we maintain these displays to maximize sales for the retailer. We also believe that our larger product line helps to insure repeat business.

We supply a new refrigerator the requires only a 2' x 2' space at no cost to you! This new profit center can be in your store producing income to you within 24 hours! We service our stores on a bi-weekly basis, but will respond to calls immediately to insure uninterrupted service to all of our retailers.

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